Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Water Park

Hi mere mortals Max here.
Sorry its been a while since OSL pulled his finger out and did my blog as well.
He says that he forgot to replace the keyboard today......not Mums favourite person. That, and he is clearing off to play golf again in the morning.
OSL and Leanne took me to Kingsbury Water Park today......well they took their cameras, and I went along and made sure they paid attention to me as well.
They took me in that nasty noisy bumpy sports car. OSL only uses it when Mum doesn't come, because she nags him to slow down all the time.
She wasn't there, so I did it instead.
I think OSL has a thing for birds.......the water feathered variety of course

This is a  picture of yours truly....what a handsome beast...waiting while they take photos of an upside down swan.......bum fetish????

Now this is me losing my patience

Anyway OSL took loads more pics that he is going to post on his blog.....if the keyboard doesn't go out of the window first.
I slept in the footwell on the way back. It was way to dangerous to look where I was going

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Castles and Pheasants

Hi Max fans. OSL sends his apologies for his lack of posts lately. He's been busy getting his car through the MOT. I have had to squeeze into his other toy with Mum. Not very dignified for someone as important as me.

Thought he would have grown out of that by now......calls me a puppy!!!

Been down to the back of Kenilworth Castle the last couple of days, so OSL can use his camera.
Yesterday Auntie Leanne came with her camera as well..... Longest 3 miles I have had yet.

They spent 10 mins clicking this funny looking bird. Thing is, who was watching who?

The fields at the back of the Castle are called The Pleasants. It was flooded in the old days and was full of boats.........not like this one though. But isn't this supposed to be water?

I'm apparently in disgrace tonight. I went down the lane with mum today to see her friend for coffee.
They had coffee and I had her new photo album.....oops

Want to see my fierce face


OSL wants to show of some of his pics again, so I suppose I'll have to say goodnight.

He says he's a flower expert. The first ones a white flower, and the second one is a pink flower

Are you bored yet, hang on while I eat some of mums sewing. It might stop him showing any more.
No didn't work

I know what will.  .....that's better....blimey even I can't stand that. At least they will have to take me out again now. Night night girls