Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ducks and Half Term holidays

Its half term holidays again. OSL says that the teachers had all summer off, and guess what....they're off again. Not that he's got anything against teachers. Its just that everywhere you go you have to put up with women drivers, bored kids and pushchairs.
Me, they think I love kids. The truth is.............I'll keep them guessing.
They took me and Ella to Ryton Pools today. Lots of ducks playing hide and seek and fighting over stale bread. Strange creatures. Guess what, loads of kids, pushchairs and bored dogs.
Anyway I enjoyed myself when mum let me off my lead.....I only wanted to play with the kids not eat them!!
OSL took some pics of the feathered things....have a look at them

These Coots have a really funny bark

This one is a Moor-hen....he says

This ones headless.....really odd

Nice here isn't it. OSL says that there is no fish in there. But if there was they wouldn't call it fishing, it would be catching.

Anyway here we go, the inevitable pics of Ella and mum


                                     Hello I'm here remember...........oh there I am

                                             You know what they say....a

                                                                between 2 thorns......

                                                                         Bye for now

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Granddaughter Ella and OSLs new camera

                                      Help....its half term again. 5 days without peace.
                                      Today little Ella came for a walk along the old railway line.
                                       OSL has a new camera and was anxious to show off

                                       This is Ella Mae.........5 going on 15yrs....what a poser

This is me....14 weeks old and getting a real handful. Well that's what they say about me. I think
I'm lovely, just a little boisterous.

I love walking down here every morning. I used to get to run on the field next door until the farmer let the cows in. I just love that brown stuff that the cows leave on the floor. OSL and mum don't agree. They say it makes me smell like sh**.....what's that?

OSL wants to show off some of his first pics with the new camera. What a cheek, on my blog

                                                         Bye for now......love Max

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday afternoon Romp

Hey Max fans....I'm back. OSL sends his apologies, he says that things have been a bit hectic lately.
But here we are at last. Things have changed so much. Mum says that I'm no longer a puppy but the devil in a fur coat............nah....well I'm working on it.

Went for a long walk today with my new eldest sister Leanne and her partner Gary. He's from up north you know. No honestly he's not like the rest of them....don't mean it really

I got to beat up OSL on the walk today

                                           He tried to photograph me without asking first

                                                                  Fierce arn't I

This is Blackdown Mill. OSL says that this is the earliest Power Station on anyones blogs....whats he talking about

Got to mock some more swans today on the river running through Ashow village.
Bunch of cowards, they wouldn't come out of the water and fight.

Do you think my bum looks big.....now now girls calm down.
About this time Mum started to get really tired. she's a diabetic you know. I think we walked her too far.

Do you like the picture of a rose that my Mum took

Anyway bye for now, Mum and OSL said have a nice week

Thursday, 6 October 2011

'Holy Cows'

Hi Max readers. I had several new experiences today. This one involved finding out where those cow pats that I love so much came from. How can anything that big be so stupid. They walked the full length of the field just to see me eating their poo.            ........wow!!!

This field is across the road from our house. Its where I get to run every day. Unless its wet. I hate to get my feet wet.

                                           Look how cold it was today. Mum has her coat on

Mum says I'm growing up today. I learnt that when I sniff lamp posts my back leg flicks up in the air, and I stand there on 3 legs.....most strange. I've also been using the cushion from my bed to practice what I'm going to do with my first girlfriend when I get older. I've also leant that no matter how hard you shake and savage slippers, they don't fight back.
                                                      Isn't growing up confusing

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Today I got to walk around the lake at the Golf Club at Barston Lakes where OSL hides for 4 hours and pretends to play golf everytime him and mum have words. Nah only joking.

I got to chase some ducks and then got chased back by a very nasty large swan with babies.

                                                      Now how can I get in there

I thought it was hiding its head from me. Wrong just playing dead before it attacked. In fact OSL blamed me for getting the shot out of focus when I hid behind him

                                                               These are babies??????

                       Mum took these flower pics and wanted to show them off.....so here they are

                                              Oh well another tiring day, time for a nap.

                                 OH I nearly forgot........a power station...........what's that?

Monday, 3 October 2011

A Day on Dawlish Warren

Hi Max fans especially Daisy and Holly
This is a pic and a video....it had better work this time because OSL says the computer goes through the window if it doesn't....of me on Dawlish Warren digging holes and running rings around my mum

This is puppy cruelty, you can't possibly walk me that far. Can't we take the train..........we did on the way back because mum said her legs would drop off if we didn't.
This is the walk from Dawlish Warren into Dawlish where we had lunch and watched 2 black swans making babies. That wasn't quite the way OSL put it, but I can't print that.

I was so tired when we got of the train I could hardly walk back to the car....in fact OSL nearly had to carry both of us.

Got to go, just noticed a pair of mums slippers and a hair brush that haven't got teeth marks in them yet

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Hi, Max here. I'm only 11 weeks old, so everything is new to me. But here goes, will do my best.
This is a picture of me and mum outside the Anchor pub in Cockwood near Dawlish Warren. OSL(old short legs) is inside getting the beer and some water for me. I think that was my longest walk yet, but it was relief to get out of that cage they call a crate. It took us over 4 hours to get here and OSL got really stressed as it rained really hard most of the way. Maybe he doesn't like wet grass either.

This is the view of some of the caravan site at Cofton Country Park where we stayed. This was taken by OSL from the top of the dog walk. Phew......do they think I am a pyreneean mountain dog.

I'm on ferry to Exmouth today. Look at her, she thinks I am going to jump in the water. Are you kidding.
I'm having my first beach adventure today....whatever that is.

Wow wow wow. I see what they mean now. It so easy to dig holes in the sand and run rings round mum.

time to take OSL and mum out for a walk now. OSL says that mum needs the exercise. Will add some more tomorrow