Thursday, 6 October 2011

'Holy Cows'

Hi Max readers. I had several new experiences today. This one involved finding out where those cow pats that I love so much came from. How can anything that big be so stupid. They walked the full length of the field just to see me eating their poo.  !!!

This field is across the road from our house. Its where I get to run every day. Unless its wet. I hate to get my feet wet.

                                           Look how cold it was today. Mum has her coat on

Mum says I'm growing up today. I learnt that when I sniff lamp posts my back leg flicks up in the air, and I stand there on 3 legs.....most strange. I've also been using the cushion from my bed to practice what I'm going to do with my first girlfriend when I get older. I've also leant that no matter how hard you shake and savage slippers, they don't fight back.
                                                      Isn't growing up confusing


  1. Keep practising Max I'm sure you will get the hang of it very soon.

    You keep you feet dry, not like that Daisy who goes for a swim every day. XX

  2. I hope you don't get a fetish for cow poo, you won't be very popular and like Mike says keep your feet dry. The last thing you want is cow poo and wet feet, I am glad that I am a distance from you. You are doing very well, your blog is lovely.

  3. Adore your blog Max .... all this cuteness about with You and Daisy and Holly, I can't understand why Trev and Mike and Sue are not getting a puppy of their own! Best lay off the mention of eating the cow poo Max my boy, they might succumb then !! Huge cuddles E xx

  4. Yo Max Mate!
    Those cows are strange things but watch out for horses 'cos their poo is real tasty!

    I just love that field you get to run in, I reckon you can get up real good speed there!

    Are there any rabbits there?

    Lamp posts are great, they are the best notice board you can find, except a telegraph pole, now they're real special!

    As for humping the cushions, enjoy, 'cos if you get the operation they will only be good for sleeping on!

    Luv, Daisy & Holly

  5. Very nice blog.
    No I don't do cow poo or any other poo for that matter.

    Well Eileen dogs, puppies are for others to have and not me, I will stick to my bird, he is far less trouble to look after. I don't have to take him for walks and he is happy if I give him bird seed and water.

  6. I don't need a puppy for at least a year as I have my Daisy to cuddle two days a week. I don't think she likes cow poo either.

    Great post. XX