Monday, 3 October 2011

A Day on Dawlish Warren

Hi Max fans especially Daisy and Holly
This is a pic and a had better work this time because OSL says the computer goes through the window if it doesn't....of me on Dawlish Warren digging holes and running rings around my mum

This is puppy cruelty, you can't possibly walk me that far. Can't we take the train..........we did on the way back because mum said her legs would drop off if we didn't.
This is the walk from Dawlish Warren into Dawlish where we had lunch and watched 2 black swans making babies. That wasn't quite the way OSL put it, but I can't print that.

I was so tired when we got of the train I could hardly walk back to the fact OSL nearly had to carry both of us.

Got to go, just noticed a pair of mums slippers and a hair brush that haven't got teeth marks in them yet


  1. You had a nice run round Max

  2. Hi Max, get those teeth into those ere slippers.

    Really nice blog Max, keep it up.

  3. Found you, at last, here you are! Welcome to Blogland, nice to see you and your Feeder. When you are a bit older you will enjoy a nice run but until then you will have to humour them. Looking forward to your adventures. xx

  4. Watcha Max Mate,

    Love the blog and the video!

    Digging in the sand is great and if you find something smelly to roll in it's even better!

    As for the walking bit, don't worry you'll get to enjoy longer walks as your legs get stronger!

    When you're older they will get you a real chew to sink your teeth into, absolute heaven!

    See you soon.

    Luv, Daisy & Holly