Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Today I got to walk around the lake at the Golf Club at Barston Lakes where OSL hides for 4 hours and pretends to play golf everytime him and mum have words. Nah only joking.

I got to chase some ducks and then got chased back by a very nasty large swan with babies.

                                                      Now how can I get in there

I thought it was hiding its head from me. Wrong just playing dead before it attacked. In fact OSL blamed me for getting the shot out of focus when I hid behind him

                                                               These are babies??????

                       Mum took these flower pics and wanted to show them off.....so here they are

                                              Oh well another tiring day, time for a nap.

                                 OH I nearly forgot........a power station...........what's that?


  1. Wow Max, you do get around but watch it. That PS is in Battersea that's near the dogs home lol.

    Lovely photos Max, like the one of the Ducks shot over your head, nice flowers too. Your getting good at this blog lark and your only a puppy.

  2. Oh well done Max, you are a clever boy, your blog is greeeeat! Love the pictures, the flowers are beautiful and my favourite is the one of you spying the ducks, don't go getting ideas from Daisy though. Keep up the blog it is really good.

  3. Well done Max it is great and you even make a PS, keep up the good work

  4. Hi Max Mate, Watch out for those swans, they can be funny sometimes. There's one near here that hisses every time we go close, we call him Hissin' Sid!

    Stick to the ducks, they're smaller, more fun to chase and Holly reckons they could taste like chicken, but she hasn't caught one yet to test!

    See you soon.


    Daisy & Holly