Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday afternoon Romp

Hey Max fans....I'm back. OSL sends his apologies, he says that things have been a bit hectic lately.
But here we are at last. Things have changed so much. Mum says that I'm no longer a puppy but the devil in a fur coat............nah....well I'm working on it.

Went for a long walk today with my new eldest sister Leanne and her partner Gary. He's from up north you know. No honestly he's not like the rest of them....don't mean it really

I got to beat up OSL on the walk today

                                           He tried to photograph me without asking first

                                                                  Fierce arn't I

This is Blackdown Mill. OSL says that this is the earliest Power Station on anyones blogs....whats he talking about

Got to mock some more swans today on the river running through Ashow village.
Bunch of cowards, they wouldn't come out of the water and fight.

Do you think my bum looks now girls calm down.
About this time Mum started to get really tired. she's a diabetic you know. I think we walked her too far.

Do you like the picture of a rose that my Mum took

Anyway bye for now, Mum and OSL said have a nice week


  1. Very nice Max, I love the rose and the PS

  2. Yo Max!
    Good to see you back again, even if they did take a picture of your butt!
    I love the 'Fierce' photo, seriously aggressive!


  3. Glad to have you back Max. That's right give OSL a good hiding, he asked for it.

    Cant see any cables coming fro your PS.

    Bet the girls go mad over your butt.

    Nice post keep him at it Max XX