Sunday, 2 October 2011


Hi, Max here. I'm only 11 weeks old, so everything is new to me. But here goes, will do my best.
This is a picture of me and mum outside the Anchor pub in Cockwood near Dawlish Warren. OSL(old short legs) is inside getting the beer and some water for me. I think that was my longest walk yet, but it was relief to get out of that cage they call a crate. It took us over 4 hours to get here and OSL got really stressed as it rained really hard most of the way. Maybe he doesn't like wet grass either.

This is the view of some of the caravan site at Cofton Country Park where we stayed. This was taken by OSL from the top of the dog walk. they think I am a pyreneean mountain dog.

I'm on ferry to Exmouth today. Look at her, she thinks I am going to jump in the water. Are you kidding.
I'm having my first beach adventure today....whatever that is.

Wow wow wow. I see what they mean now. It so easy to dig holes in the sand and run rings round mum.

time to take OSL and mum out for a walk now. OSL says that mum needs the exercise. Will add some more tomorrow


  1. Very nice Max, you are learning

  2. Woohoo .... Super blog Max! Keep OSL and Mum under control! Can't get the videos to start ..... maybe me so I will ask OTL to sort it .... xxx

  3. Yo Max,
    Just love the blog and the pub crawl your Two Legs take you on, did you get loads of Oooo's and Ahhhh's from the other customers? Bet you did!

    Look forward to reading all about your adventures!

    Luv, Daisy & Holly

  4. Hi Yar Max, lovely blog, that's the way to do it.

    Keep OSL on his place but dont forget to let him have a Beer now and again. XX

  5. Well Max, I think you are adorable! My Yorkie girls would love you too! You are doing quite a bit of traveling for such a young man! Keep Mum and OSL in line now!!!

  6. Hello Max you handsome little boy...well fancy your first adventure and what a lovely place mum has taken you to. I was a bit worried that mum was getting you into bad habits taking you to the pub but when a boy needs and drink a boy need a drink!
    Hoping that your little videos will work soon so I can see more of you and will look forward to your next post and your other adventures..

    Love and cuddles...Anne

  7. I found it nice to see YOU Chris! OK Max, you too!
    Looks like Max is bringing you some joy too!