Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ducks and Half Term holidays

Its half term holidays again. OSL says that the teachers had all summer off, and guess what....they're off again. Not that he's got anything against teachers. Its just that everywhere you go you have to put up with women drivers, bored kids and pushchairs.
Me, they think I love kids. The truth is.............I'll keep them guessing.
They took me and Ella to Ryton Pools today. Lots of ducks playing hide and seek and fighting over stale bread. Strange creatures. Guess what, loads of kids, pushchairs and bored dogs.
Anyway I enjoyed myself when mum let me off my lead.....I only wanted to play with the kids not eat them!!
OSL took some pics of the feathered things....have a look at them

These Coots have a really funny bark

This one is a Moor-hen....he says

This ones headless.....really odd

Nice here isn't it. OSL says that there is no fish in there. But if there was they wouldn't call it fishing, it would be catching.

Anyway here we go, the inevitable pics of Ella and mum


                                     Hello I'm here remember...........oh there I am

                                             You know what they say....a

                                                                between 2 thorns......

                                                                         Bye for now


  1. Lovely post Max and I think that you are the star of the show. Dont tell OSL but he takes a good picture and seems to be getting on well with his camera. XX

  2. Hello there Max, nice to see you again and what a beautiful rose, yellow ones are my favourite (really).
    Good to see that you took Ella and Mum out with you, we saw fishermen on Sunday and they hadn't caught any fish so I don't know where they hide.
    Keep up the photography OSL, lovely to see little Max as he grows up.

  3. Yo Max!

    Those Coots and Moor Hens are noisy little critters and Holly says they don't taste like chicken anyway!
    Dunno about the 'Headless Duck' could it be a ghostly type of duck, well, it's getting close to Halloween?

    Super picture of you, if we zoom in we can just see your eye!

    Here is a question for you, 'Why do young Two Legs always wear their coats like that?'

    See you soon.


    Daisy & Holly

  4. Hi Max .... looks like you are having a good time and your Missus is spoiling you as much as I do Daisy and Holly .... OSL is doing a grand job with the pictures .... Rock and Roll !